1. Essential configuration

    You can enter the Drupal 7 source site's base URL and choose the credentials for your site's admin account.

  2. Log in.

    Log in with the credentials you chose in the first step.

  3. Security notice.

    This site is hosted on Acquia Cloud and is publicly accessible if the URL is known. You may want to change that.

  4. Configure your source database.

    It looks like your Drupal 7 application uses a table prefix. Acquia Migrate Accelerate cannot automatically copy this from your Drupal 7 site's settings.php. You'll need to copy that manually, commit and push the result. See Acquia Support Knowledgebase article. If you need help, contact Acquia Support.

  5. Configure your files directory.

    Follow the link above for instructions on how to configure your source site's public files directory in this site's settings.php file. (And optionally the private files directory.)

  6. Choose which data to import from your source site.

    Acquia Migrate Accelerate will automatically import all of your sources site's content types and fields. On this page, you'll be able to choose which parts of your source site that you want to migrate into your new Drupal 9 site. Don't worry, you can still choose to bring over anything later that you skip now.

  7. Import your content.

    Once here, you'll begin the process of importing your source site's content. If you decide that you no longer want to import a migration that you selected in the previous step, you can mark it skipped. Migrations that have nothing left to import are marked as completed.